Will “Threads” beat “Twitter” successfully?

Meta’s new application which is more live Twitter and is supposedly attract Twitter users, Threads, has recently been launched. The application succeeded in attracting millions of users right after its launch but mainly the users of Instagram moved to Threads to explore “what new” has come their way to offer a better social experience. It is a mobile application that allows users to make public conversations and share news updates. The application was launched on July 5 and within a week had 100 million subscribers. The application created waves in its early days as all social media users wanted to check and try the new “thing” in the market. The application has almost all brands, celebrities, journalists and socialites.

Threads is very closely connected to Instagram. People who wish to sign up must have an Instagram account. When you try to share something to stories, Threads app takes you to Instagram stories. If you have made your account on Threads and are trying to delete it, you will have to delete your Instagram account too.

Threads is too similar to Twitter and it could get Twitter to Sue anytime. For example there are heart shaped icons for like. Content can be reposted which Twitter calls Retweet and Threads call Repost. The feeds of both apps look the same. Just as Instagram’s Reel feature was inspired by TikTok and it brought in more users for Instagram app and make it more interesting, similarly, Threads is deeply inspired by Twitter. However, the posts on Threads can be 500 characters in length which is double the number allows by Tweets on Twitter. Moreover, Threads appears less politically overwhelming than Twitter. It has just started and people like to try something fresh. Now, with three weeks gone after the launch, Threads appears to struggle to retain its traffic. For any new app, the major challenge is to retain the people and make them use it every day in future. Mark Zukerberg is very optimistic about this new social platform, “Early growth was off the charts, but more importantly 10s of millions of people now come back daily … The focus for the rest of the year is improving the basics and retention.” – CNN Business. Meta intends to launch a desktop version of the app in future along with other major developments to make this platform more fun and engaging for the users.