10 Modest statements look for Iftar and Suhoor gatherings.

With the beginning of Ramadan, the gatherings for Iftar and suhoor are endless. Dressing up during this holy month is all about modesty and comfort. At the same time, the sacred month invites all individuals to practice self-control and self-discipline and grow in their religion. Gatherings are a standard part of Ramadan, and it becomes a joyful event everyone shares and remembers. While finding the right outfit for every gathering can be complicated, we have made a perfect guide on dressing simply yet looking classy this Ramadan.

Monochromatic Look:

The ‘El Sol Kaftan’ is the perfect KaftanKaftan you can wear this Ramadan for gathering. The loose Silhouette the KaftanKaftan offers makes it look classy when paired with Belts and other accessories. While looking for colors, monochromatic ones are trending a lot.

Subtly stylish

The Bright green gown designed by Huishan Zhang Christelle is the perfect match for you to wear for an Iftar gathering when you want to look subtle and get stylish. Pair it with pumps and a simple clutch to make the look complete.

The Dazzling Diva

When discussing Showstoppers, we must list Dina Melwani’s Crystal embellished long-sleeve gown. This gown is the perfect showstopper for the evening. Pair it with statement rings and a purse; you are all set to go.

Elegant Pastel.

Pastels are significantly trending. The next outfit on our list is a Chole Long dress designed by Baruni with mint green colors that perfectly define elegance. This simple outfit can be paired with a bag and different Coats to make the perfect outfit.

Centre of attention.

Gaby Charbachy designed this beautiful cloudy blue dress with a dress and 3D floral details on the shoulder. This outfit is center stage, and its beauty can be enhanced with diamond earrings and high heels.


Cords are trending, and this Doge Pleated coord set from Shatha Essa is the perfect outfit to look modest and stylish. When layered with Oversized coats and a bag can add a pop color.

The perfect Maxi dress.

With Balenciaga fall ’22, this Maxi dress is the perfect evening dress for you to wear. Made from Satin, this dress gives a very fluid look when paired with edgy shoes, and you are ready to go.

The right late-evening gown

Made by Rema Acra, this emerald green dress is the perfect slim-fit emerald green dress that fits you right and is ideal for a late evening dress. Pair them with a strappy heel, and you are ready to go.

The soulful pink.

While you are at the Iftar gathering, make your head turn with this elegant pink silk Georgette. Elie Saab has designed this beautiful piece, and to add extra drama to your dress, the sleeves have extra floated feathers. Add a pair of dangling earrings and pumps.

The Sage dress

For every perfect gathering, the Sage green dress designed by Gucci is the perfect versatile outfit you can wear during Iftar or suhoor gathering. This dress can be paired with a lot of jewelry, but a minimalist look is desirable.